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Game 131: Keep on truckin'

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After avenging Chicago's beatdown of a month ago with a playoff-killing sweep, it's back to playing teams that (hopefully) don't care.

Jeremy Guthrie goes for the last place O's. He leads the league in earned runs and homers allowed, but is coming off consecutive great starts in which he allowed two runs in 14 innings. This will be his fourth start against the Yanks - in the first three (the last of which was on May 20th), he gave up 11 runs in 19 innings (5.21 ERA).

'My Man Andy' (as my father-in-law calls him) goes for the Bombers - he's undefeated in six starts since July 30th in Chicago, compiling a 2.84 ERA this month with 31 strikeouts in 31.2 innings. He's made only one start vs. Baltimore this season (7.1 ip, 1 er, 6 h, 8 k, 2 bb).

  • Who's hot?

Despite a bad knuckle, Jorge Posada had a great week at the plate (1.783 OPS). Behind him are Johnny Damon (1.215) and The Captain (1.090).

  • Who's not?

Jose Molina, who fortunately is a backup (.322). If Posada ever went down for an extended period, we'd be in serious trouble (like 2008). Nick Swisher is also slumping (.461); for whatever reason, he just cannot hit at Yankee Stadium (.681 vs. .959 on the road).