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Yankees 8, White Sox 3: MVP Edition

Mark Teixeira went 1-3 with a sac fly, and his 32nd homer of the year.  He drove in his 101st RBI of the season.  His line stands .283/.381/.543.

Derek Jeter went 2-3 (single and double) with a BB.  He scored 3 times, bringing his total for the year to 90 (eclipsing last season's total).  His line reads .333/.396/.479.

Do you prefer gelato or cannolis?

I usually choose the cannolis with custard filling, unless there's limon gelato.  Really there's no wrong choice.

The tiramisu of the league has 'slumped' down to .371/.439/.614.  Oh yeah, he's a catcher, too.  But as the Yankees separate themselves from the rest of the league, every time Joe Mauer doesn't get a hit hurts his chances.


On another note, if Joba is going to make a number of these 3 inning starts, I'd rather have him pitch 3 times a week for an inning in the 7th or 8th.