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Yankees 10, White Sox 0: Backup Plan Indeed

Sergio Mitre didn't need no stinkin' backup plan.

He carried a one-hit shutout into the seventh, pounding the zone, and drawing grounder after grounder off the White Sox bats with his sinker.  If everyone's favorite player to hate (AJ Pierzininkowitzquy) hadn't hit Mitre with a comebacker, Mitre (73 pitches) might have finished the game.

This is the fifth starter, ladies and gentlemen.  Pick up his option.

The relentless offense won another series, and Robbie might finally be rolling- 3 hits, 2 RBIs.

Is Jerry Hairston Jr. an important free agent?  The righty went 1-3 with 2 RBI, and played center, right, and shortstop.  Give him a Jose Molina-esque 2 year deal.  Partner him with defensive youngsters like Cervelli and Pena, and a pinch hitter with a little more pop (Matsui?); the Yanks will have their strongest bench since the legendary Chili Davis.

The Yankees are 19-7 in August, 30-11 since the All-Star Break.