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Game 129: Hello Old Friend

Jose Contreras returns to the site of some of his worst pitching. If you'd bet me in 2004, would Jose still be hanging around the big leagues in 2009, I'd have taken the bet.

He was that inexplicable: he had no control of his no-hit stuff, averaging 3.3 BB/9 over his career, and 2004 he was serving up a long ball every fourth inning.

But here he is, 5-12 on the year for a team that has lost 65 games. That's nearly 20% of their losses. Not only is his 5.09 ERA the worst on the team, it's the worst by half a run.

Pencil him in for 8 inning of one run ball.

The Yanks respond with the return of Sergio Mitre.

He's got compromising pictures of somebody, I just haven't figured out whom. Is it a Girardi-Posada mashup? Is it Derek Jeter with the same woman two night in a row? Maybe it's Cashman injecting Francisco Cervelli blood into Jose Molina to help him heal quicker.

Whatever the dirt is, it's our solemn duty as Yankee fans to go to the Stadium and destroy it (or speculate in the comments on what it could be, either way). This guy is the one who should be on the Joba plan. He was showing signs of improvement, then he went to Boston. He got blitzed. Wasn't Chad Guadin the backup plan? Don't get me wrong; I still think Sergio Mitre was pressed into service too soon after surgery, and I support picking up his option. Next season he could be one of the best insurance plans in the majors; CC, AJ, Joba, Phil, maybe CMW or Andy?

The bats had better be patient: in August their batting average and slugging are up slightly, but their OBP is down.