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Girardi's call, Swisher's gaffe

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Apparently Joe Girardi did call for Nick Swisher to bunt last night -

"I would've loved to see what would've happened if I put that bunt down," an agitated Swisher said. "I knew what I had to do and I just didn't get it done."

After the game, Yankees manager Joe Girardi said he had confidence in Swisher's ability to lay one down in such a crucial situation - he's had three successful sacrifice bunts this season.

"We were trying to get the tying run to third base," Girardi said. "Nick's been a good bunter for us. Unfortunately, he popped it up."

I'd still rather have Swisher not bunt, especially in that situation against a reeling pitcher. He doesn't lead the team in walks for nothing.

That said, the 'Fire Girardi' posts/comments are ridiculous. The Yankees have the best record in baseball. Sometimes managers, just like the rest of us, make mistakes.