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Game 125: To help or not to help?

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I would love for Boston to miss the playoffs completely, and the most likely candidate to overtake them is the Texas Rangers, who visit the Bronx for a three-game series. However, after hoping to play the Tigers and Indians in '06 and '07 (and losing), I'm not getting on that boat again. I'll just let the Yanks play the team(s) they play and hope for the best.

Joba Chamberlain will make his first start in 10 days against Texas ace Kevin Millwood. After three torrid starts after the break, Joba has been horrid in his last three: 16 ip, 6.75 ERA, 12 K, 12 BB, 18 h.

Millwood is coming off a poor start in Minnesota in which he allowed five runs in 5.2 innings, but his season has been very solid: 155.1 ip, 3.48 ERA, 97 K, 54 BB.

Who's hot?

A-Rod's been on fire: .400/.438/.733 last week. Mark Teixeira (1.121 OPS) and Jorge Posada (1.100) didn't hit too badly either.

Who's not?

After that Boston series, no one is really ice cold, but the closest is Melky Cabrera (.250/.294/.313).


Texas Rangers @ New York Yankees

08/25/09 7:05 PM EDT

Texas Rangers New York Yankees
Julio Borbon - DH Derek Jeter - SS
Michael Young - 3B Johnny Damon - LF
Josh Hamilton - RF Mark Teixeira - 1B
Marlon Byrd - CF Alex Rodriguez - 3B
Ian Kinsler - 2B Hideki Matsui - DH
Nelson Cruz - LF Jorge Posada - C
Ivan Rodriguez - C Robinson Cano - 2B
Chris Davis - 1B Nick Swisher - RF
Elvis Andrus - SS Melky Cabrera - CF