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The original band-box

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The mainstream media has led us to believe the new Yankee Stadium is the smallest, easiest-to-score-in ballpark in the history of athletic events.

However, what we witnessed this weekend shows where the real band-box is. 58 runs were scored in Fenway Park in three games. And we weren't watching bad pitchers either (Brad Penny notwithstanding).

Through Saturday, Fenway was the ninth friendliest offensive park in baseball, allowing 8% more runs than an average park. The new ballpark in the Bronx was a below-average 16th, deflating runs by 14%.

Sure Yankee Stadium has allowed more homers than any other park, but there a lot more to scoring than homeruns.

On top of that, how many right-handed hitters have benefited from playing half their games in Fenway?

Look at the home/road splits of some prominent righty Red Sox:

Jim Rice - .920 OPS at home, .789 on the road. In other words, Hall of Famer at home, Jeff Conine everywhere else.

Dustin Pedroia - .889 at home, .767 (e.g. Alex Ochoa) on the road.

Nomar - .956 at Fenway, .844 on the road.

Mike Lowell - .883 at Fenway, .779 on the road.

So the next time someone says the new Yankee Stadium is a joke, point to the original one up north.