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Yankees 8, Red Sox 4: Hammer Those Nails in the Coffin

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Robbie Cano's head wasn't really in the game tonight, but CC Sabathia was on point.  He struck out 8 in 6.2.  He allowed 8 hits, but didn't walk a single batter.

Josh Beckett will need someone to rub his neck after whiplashing for 5 homers and 8 earned runs.  Jeter set the tone with a record setting first pitch home run.

Phil Hughes was all the bridge the Yanks needed, and Mo finally got some work in.  So this Rivera fellow walks into Fenway, strikes out 2 without allowing a hit.  He might have a future in this game.

The most reassuring thing about tonight wasn't smashing the Red Sox's erstwhile ace, and it wasn't putting the division lead back to 7 games in the loss column with 38 to play.  The most reassuring part of tonight's win is hits from 7 of the 9 starters, and multi-hit games from Jeter, Damon, and Matsui.  So long as the lineup keeps clicking, the rest of the AL should be terrified.

The Yanks take a day off tomorrow, then we start a 6 game home stand against the Rangers and the White Sox, and Tuesday will be my first trip to the Stadium for the season (so far, proximity of the Bronx is the #1 reason to move to New Jersey).

The Yanks have won 16 of 20.  Rejoice all you lands, rejoice.