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Fire Joe Girardi*

*Ok, I don't really mean that, but this post is dedicated to Joe's stupidest move in a while.

It's funny how the complete collapse of the starting pitching can cause us to overlook serious problems in the field (ok, maybe it's just me).  I forgot to lambast Joe Girardi for starting Eric Hinske in left field yesterday, after that worked so well on Friday.

Fire Joe Girardi.

Why wasn't Hinske out there taking extra balls off the wall before Saturday's game started?

Fire the entire coaching staff.

If Jerry Hairston couldn't play left, Brian Cashman should have brought up Shelley Duncan or John Rodriguez to take a few ABs.

Fire Brian Cashman.

/end sarcasm

We're 6 games up on the loss side, and we still have the best record in baseball.  I'm not really worried, but it's important to keep track of stupid.  And starting Eric Hinske in left field is stupid.  I can't believe I thought for a moment that he could have played third base.