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Game 123: The Spotlight

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AJ Burnett takes the mound in the national game at Fenway, where he inspired something less than confidence this season. Burnett has allowed 13 runs in just under 8 innings of work in the Boston bandbox this season. Hopefully the memory of his one hit shutout in the first act of the 15-inning marathon will grant him the ability to throw some strikes for a change.

The Yankees will get another look at rookie right-hander Junichi Tazawa; you remember him from the other end of that 15 inning contest. He's made two 5 innings starts to add to his 1.2 from the marathon: he's shown decent control (5BB), but his fastball is as straight as you remember (18 hits).

Yankee MVP Derek Jeter continued his torrid hitting last night with his 6th straight multihit game, 5 out of 6 have been 3 hit nights.

The rout was almost on too early last night, since Boston didn't have to burn any of their best relievers. Hopefully the Yanks get to make those guys throw some pitches this afternoon, that would make tomorrow's Beckett-Sabathia matchup that much more compelling.