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I haven't written much this week because my new job has been hectic, and as I sit down to write I realize I'm referencing the same article as last time.  But only briefly, I promise.

SI feature writer Joe Posnanski recently made reference to his invention of the word Jeterate, "To praise someone for something of which he or she is entirely unworthy of praise."

Well, I hope Poz was watching last night's Yankee game, because Jeter made another one of his 'of course I'm in just the right place, and I know exactly what to do' plays.

Eric Hinske drifted back on a deep fly to left*, leapt, and completely missed the ball.  

*Oxymoron alert: deep fly to left in Fenway.

I'm not suggesting that no other shortstop in the league could have made that play.  In fact, I'd argue that every shortstop in the league should make that play.

I run the risk of Jeterating because it's a play that Derek Jeter seems to make every time.  I knew when Jeter sprinted into left that Dustin Pedroia would not make it to third (I'm stunned Keebler tried).  It's the kind of play 'gritty' 'scrappy' 'short' 'white' players would receive hyperbolic praise for.

So here's to the man who could be MVP; may your sixth straight multi-hit game, capped with an attentive baseball play, cement you in the mind of the sports writers as a legit MVP candidate.