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Quick note about the site, and some football

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Not much to say about the ugly stretch of baseball the Yankees have played the last few days. They have frittered away most of that nice 3.5-game lead they had over Boston, and they need to get back on track ASAP.

I just have a couple of site-related notes for you this morning.

  • I wanted to thank all of you folks who have been making PA a daily reading habit. July was far and away the biggest traffic month in PA history, with 160,000 unique visitors and more than 290,000 page views. That tells me we must be doing something right. I also wanted to thank you guys for -- mostly -- buying into what we are trying to do here. When we can express ourselves in a mature fashion and respect the right of others to disagree without juvenile name-calling this is a much friendlier place to be. Thanks, gang!
  • Quick personal note, and a bit (OK, a BIG) promo. Many of you know that I am lead blogger over at Big Blue View, covering the New York Giants. Because of BBV, I won't be around PA as much for the next month or so. The Giants have granted l'il ole me credentials to cover camp beginning Monday morning, so I will largely be focused on that. If you love the Giants, stop by and check out the first-hand coverage.