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Game 105: What Better Place Than Here, What Better Time Than Now?

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CC Sabathia is not a deity. He is not capable of superhuman feats on the diamond. We can not guarantee that he will come through for us in our hour of darkness.

Oh, but we're asking anyway.

CC was merely mortal is last time on the mound: 5.2IP 9H 2BB 5ER, but except the Fiasco in Florida back on June 21st, CC has been every inch an ace. He's routinely pitched into the seventh inning. and he's averaging 6.2IP including the 1.1 in Florida.

That my friends is what we paid for.

So today we hope for more of what we paid for against a ChiSox team that has torched our pitchers for 24 runs in 2 games, including 12 runs against the bullpen.

So Sabathia will have to be good, because his opponent has been perfect lately.

Mark Buehrle has quietly been a HoF caliber pitcher, putting together a 1.26 WHIP and a 3.78 ERA. He's pitched a no-hitter and a perfect game. In fact, considering the quality of the lineup he faced, Buehrle's perfecto could be considered the most difficult perfect game in baseball history. He just set the record for most consecutive batters retired. He's won a ring. He's averaged 224 innings for the last 8 seasons in a row, and he's on pace to do it again this season.

With the division race again a dead heat, and Texas only two back in the Wild Card, it's time for the Yanks to get hot again. It needs to start now.


New York Yankees @ Chicago White Sox

08/02/09 2:05 PM EDT

New York Yankees Chicago White Sox
Derek Jeter - SS Scott Podsednik - CF
Johnny Damon - LF Gordon Beckham - 3B
Mark Teixeira - 1B Jermaine Dye - RF
Alex Rodriguez - DH Jim Thome - DH
Nick Swisher - RF Paul Konerko - 1B
Robinson Cano - 2B Carlos Quentin - LF
Melky Cabrera - CF Chris Getz - 2B
Jerry Hairston Jr. - 3B Jayson Nix - SS
Jose Molina - C Ramon Castro - C