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A little love for Dave Robertson

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From Ty Kepner -

The pitcher with the highest strikeout rate in the American League is 5 feet 11 inches and goes by the nickname Forrest Gump in the Yankees' bullpen, where he is not the hardest thrower.

Among pitchers with 30 innings in the majors this season, Robertson led all American Leaguers with 13.11 strikeouts per nine innings entering Tuesday's games.

"He hides the ball well, No. 1, and No. 2, he's got late movement," Manager Joe Girardi said before Robertson struck out two more batters in his inning of work during the Yankees' 7-2 win against Oakland on Tuesday night. "It's got a little late cut to it. You talk about those pitchers where the ball seems to get on the hitters quickly, and that's what Robby has."

If Robertson can cut his walk rate (which currently stands at 5/9 ip), he'll be a dominant reliever.