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Bizarro Universe - Yankees lose to Tomko and A's, 3-0

This is truly a topsy-turvy world when Brett Tomko out-pitches A.J. Burnett.

A-Rod did Tomko a huge favor by swinging at the first pitch with the bases full and one out. He grounded out weakly to Tomko, who turned a 1-2-3 GDP. That was the best chance of scoring the Yanks had all game.

It just wasn't our night. For example, Damon's AB in the 8th inning saw him pull a potential double a couple feet foul, then line an atom ball right at the second-baseman. If either are hits, the Yanks bring the tying run to the plate with no outs.

Burnett doesn't deserve any blame. He wasn't great, but certainly wasn't bad: 8 ip, 3 er is enough for a win most of the time, especially with the lineup the Yankees have. The offense, for whatever reason, couldn't get anything going.

I'll take the blame for jinxing the team. No more 'easy wins' this year.