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Return of the April Yankees

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It's a bad week to bet on sports: Tiger blows a lead to a player I've never heard of (not Tiger, Phil, Anika), Federer blows a 5-1 lead in the fifth set to a player I've never heard of (not Federer, Nadal, Roddick or Blake), and the Yankees lose a game to a pitcher they DFA'd earlier in the season.

This game had some more classic April Yankee moments: allowing a 52-hopper through a drawn in infield in the 4th inning, allowing a 2 out RBI hit when the inning could have been over (if the infield had played back), wasting a complete game performance from AJ, a clutch Arod DP, another 0-4 from the overexposed version of Melky Cabrera, and an 0-4 for Robbie Cano despite only one AB with a runner on base.

At least the game was a crisp 2 and a half hours, right?