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Game 119: An old friend

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It's A.J. Burnett vs. a guy that pitched way too much for the Yankees, Brett Tomko.

After a poor start in Chicago (4.2 ip, 7 er), Burnett has allowed three runs in his last two games (1.97 ERA). He hasn't faced Oakland since August of last year (6 ip, 4 er). Only six A's have ever faced Burnett, so I'm expecting a good game from him.

We all know about Tomko. He pitched 20.2 innings with the Yankees this year, and was DFA'd in July after compiling a 5.23 ERA as a reliever. This should be an easy win for the Yanks.

  • Who's hot?

DJ leads the way - he OPS'd 1.318 last week.

Not too far behind are Robbie Cano (1.087) and Johnny Damon (1.078).

Who's cold?

Melky's freezing! He OPS'd .248 last week. Hopefully yesterday's off-day will help him.

Only slightly better was Eric Hinske (.385), who's coming back to earth after a torrid start when he homered five times in his first seven games.