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Yankees sign Slade Heathcott

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Slade visiting the new stadium.
Slade visiting the new stadium.

Just a few hours before the deadline (midnight tonight), the Yanks have signed first-round centerfielder Slade Heathcott, for $2.2 million. It's a bit higher than what was expected, but the Yankees were over a barrel on this one: since they didn't sign Gerrit Cole last year, there would've been no compensation for another unsigned draftee.

Jim Callis is also hearing that second-round catcher J.R. Murphy signed too. (h/t MLBTR)

  • Now the question is: will Stephen Strasburg/Scott Boras sign? Latest reports have the Nats' offer being worth around $17 million (with incentives that push it past $20).
  • UPDATE 12:12 A.M.: Strasburg has signed - 4-year ML deal worth $15.7 million.