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Yankees 3, Mariners 10: Find a Little Good in the Bad

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Joba wasn't great was friggin' awful.  10 baserunners in 5 innings, and every hit looked like a rocket.  Too many hanging sliders, too many hitters counts.  He was lucky to get through so much trouble with so little damage.  Aceves caught the 'get hit hard' bug that Joba spread all over the mound, too.  And if Gaudin pitched today, was it just a throw day or does it put his start Wednesday in doubt?

Maybe Joba's getting fatigued as he approaches his career high in innings pitched.  I think some extra time off could be just what the doctor ordered.

The Yanks were denied a real shot to change the game in the 7th when a high pitch to Junior (Jerry Hairston edition) that I thought was ball four was called a strike to bring him to a full count.  He flied out on the next pitch, so instead of a man on and one out, the Yanks mounted a fruitless 2 out rally on a Cano blooper and a Jeterian single.

On the bright side, that single broke the record for hits by a shortstop set a couple innings before by Derek Jeter.  I might spend the rest of the season mentioning how every hits sets a new record.  We knew he was going to be pretty good back in 1996, but if you'd bet me Jeter'd be a Yankee immortal a month past his 35th birthday, I'd have confidently bet against you.  But I'd have been happy losing the money.

On the other of the side of life at 35, Matsui is day-to-day after having fluid drained from his knee.  One way I know I'm not cut out to be a professional athlete: after a broken wrist, surgery on both knees, another midseason procedure, without a contract for next season and unlikely to draw a lot of interest, I'd have spent the day planning my retirement party.  It's disappointing to see a guy who was so consistent have such trouble, and it's surprising to be remind how quickly athletes break down without regular injections of flaxseed oil and B-12 steroids.

Thanks to another lousy performance by Red Sox rookie Tazawa, the Yanks maintain their 7 game lead in the loss column.  If the Yankees play .500 ball the rest of the season (22-22), Boston would need to play at a .659 clip (29-15) just to tie.  It's been a good week to be a Yankee.