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The (Not So) Damn Yankees

George Steinbrenner was quietly among the most charitable owners in sports.  From his attention to the selfless acts of young people, to putting a former bat boy through college, Steinbrenner seemed as quick to throw money around to help people as he was quick to fire a manager.

The Hank and Hal Yankees have gone one up on the old man.  From Hope Week a couple weeks ago (and if you missed this article on Camp Sundown, read it now), to Richard Sandomir's report today about how a New York based charity is putting those unsold Stadium hot dogs to better use:

Over the years, Mandelbaum [the charity founder] has arranged the recovery of food after the performances of 160 bands... Since 2002, his group has added 31 sports teams — including the Yankees, the Metsthe Jets, the Giantsthe Nets, the Knicks, the Rangers, and the Devils — and their concessionaires.

I'm glad to see the Yanks doing all they can to be the local heroes they've claimed to be for so long.  It's not quite pride; it's more satisfaction to know the right thing is being done as it should be.  I know it's not going to cut down the vitriol from our opponents, but maybe we'll earn some grudging respect.