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Yanks 5 M's 2: Just Enough is Plenty

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The first inning did not begin well for Sergio Mitre.  Another Robinson Cano error put Ichiro on second; he moved to third on a grounder and scored on a sac fly.

The Yankees scored 4 runs in the second to back Sergio Mitre.  An error by Franklin Gutierrez in center opened the door to a Nick Swisher 2 out, 2 run homer.  The long ball capped an inning in which the Yankees manufactured a run: Melky reached on the error, went first to third on a single, then scored on a sac fly.

Mitre cruised until the forth when Griffey walked, and came around to score on a single, ground out, single.  There was a baserunner each inning except the third, and he left in the 6th with the bases loaded and only one out (but can you hit a weaker grounder than Rob Johnson's dribbler to the empty space on the 3rd base side of the mound?).  But David Robertson has started looking like the beast he was in the minors again, and he struck out the next two batters to preserve the Yankee lead.

Robertson would sandwich another strike out between a pair of singles to Ichiro and Jose Lopez before giving way to Phil Coke.  Coke got Junior swinging, and then (in perhaps the turning point of the game) Jose Molina gunned down Ichiro trying to steal 3rd to end the inning.  Coke went on to breeze through the 8th, K, K, F9.

Mr. Rivera made things a little exciting in the ninth, bringing the tying run to the plate with one out.  But he K'd Gutierrez and then induced a weak fly to right.

Ball game over!  Yankees win.  Thaaaaaaa Yankees win!

While I admit a Mitre predisposition, I think he deserves another start.  He gave the Yanks just enough to qualify for the win, but the offense didn't exactly run away with the game either.  9 of his 16 outs came on groundballs, so the sinker was really working; he recorded 3 strikeouts, too.

Given the other options involve pulling someone out of extremely successful roles in the pen, I think just enough is good enough.  At least until September call-ups.