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Game 117: Go for the Jugular

The Mariners are no pushovers, but the Yankees are clearly the superior team.

Or, they are the superior team when CC, AJ, Andy or Joba are on the mound. Tonight, it's a coin flip because everyone's favorite debate takes the hill.

I believe in Sergio Mitre; I really do. I know about 19 ER in 23 innings, I know about averaging 4.2IP per start. I know about .376 BA against and the 1.91 WHIP.

I also know he's posted a .405 BABIP. His K/9 and his BB/9 are better than his career averages. His sinker has been working better these last two starts than it had when he was first pressed into service. He's come back from Tommy John surgery about as quickly as possible, and he's throwing harder than he did before the surgery.

His spot in the rotation is really on the line today.

Mitre's matching up with rookie lefty Lucas French. French has faced the Yankees before, allowing 2 runs, 1 earned over 5.1IP. He was lucky at the time; 8 hits, and his only start of the season without a base on balls..