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Best West Coast Win?

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As brilliant reader waw pointed out last night, the Yankee equipment manager must have brought the Jet Stream to Safeco to help power the Yankees to a win. Seriously, that guy should get a raise for figuring out how to get the scorn and derision of all those Yankee Stadium-haters past airport security.

Quick question for you, Yankee fans:

What's your favorite way to win a weeknight game on the West Coast?

I prefer the quick blowout, so that I can fall asleep on the couch in the 6th inning. Maybe you think the other way, and you hope for a tense game where the Yankees nurse a slim lead, and half the office stumbles in exhausted. Or maybe you'd rather see the Yankees trail into the late innings, so you're rewarded with a rally knowing most Yankee fans are disappointedly asleep.