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The Ted Williams Question: Nick Swisher Edition

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One of the classic critiques of Ted Williams is that a hitter that powerful should swing the bat more and walk less.

There's a chicken and egg to this: he's a great hitter because of his reputation for only swinging at strikes and because he gets himself into hitters counts.

So I'm curious where Yankee fans stand on this topic considering the Yankee most likely to walk, Swishalicious.

Here's a hitter who is incredibly disciplined; he's always willing to pass the baton. He's also a hitter who struggles to make contact, but when he connects drives the ball.

Some numbers:

Swings at only 34% of pitches thrown. Compared to 40% for Tex and for 42% for Posada.

Contact on 78% of his swings. Compared to 86% for Jeter and 91% for Cano.

Of the pitches he's seen this season, 47% were in the strike zone, compared to 49% for Damon and 47% for Melky.

Do you wish Swish would swing more, either by flexing his muscle or shortening his swing to make more contact. Do you think any AB that's not an out is a good AB? Or do you think Swisher's approach at the plate is just fine?