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Game 114: Burning up the Bronx

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For every discussion, recap, or game analysis, there's an observation on the electricity coursing through Yankee Stadium during this homestand. The Yanks could have been demoralized by the Red Sox this past weekend, but they did the opposite, and in doing so, threw a gallon of gasoline on an already fired up fanbase.

The New Yankee Stadium was a tough sell, and didn't dare try to fill the cavernous shoes of the old field, but this past week may be what we point as the watershed moment in embracing our new home. The long ball was good to the Yanks again last night, and when they face the Blue Jays' Ricky Romero today, they'll have to call upon their seemingly invincible voltage to topple the dazzling lefty rookie.

A.J. Burnett takes the mound for NY and one-hundreth of a point separates him from his opposition--the two hurlers today are trotting out nearly identical stats (10-5, 3.66 and 10-5, 3.67). But that's where the similarities end. A.J.'s been riding the hottest streak of the year, and Romero's cooling down from his sick 7-3 start--the rook's got a 5.65.ERA in his last 5 games, and A.J.? Left to a standing O in his last start: "I had goosebumps the whole way to the dugout. I'm just glad I didn't drop my glove or something, because that was awesome."

The Yanks need this win to avoid losing the series, which hasn't happened at home since, um, 2 months ago when the Nationals had their way with us. Moving on.

Things are exciting, and it's only August. Leaving for the game now to meet 2 of my favorite Yankee writers, and to feel, feel, feel the heat.