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A Memory of Mariano

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When Mariano gave up his first run since June 12th last night, I was reminded of something my father said to me once, when I asked him how good he thought Mo was just after Mo took home the World Series MVP Award in 1999.

"Don't get too attached to these relievers. You'll be surprised by how quickly they flame out."

It's really too early to start award talk, but no one is on pace for a 20 win season. I'm not suggesting that 20 wins represents some kind of magic number. I'm also not daring to predict that one of Beckett, Halladay, King Felix, CC, Verlander, Jered Weaver, Buehrle, or Greinke won't go on a romp through the final 2 months and make an indisputable case for Cy Young.

But with Mo posting his best K/9 in the last dozen years, his fifth sub-2 ERA in 6 years, his 4th sub-1 WHIP in 5 seasons, on pace for his most saves in 5 seasons (47), and his usual unhittability, do you think this might be Mariano's Cy Young season?