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Game 85: Ace goes for Inside (7th) Straight

"No one likes to lose to the Yankees," whined OF Denard Span.

After hanging on to a 4-3 lead last night, the Yankees look to cap off the series, their last game at the Metrodome, and the Twins' morale in today's afternoon delight. With Chien Ming Wang out on the DL, as Chien Ming Wang is want to do, Girardi has given the nod to his best long-reliever, RHP Alfredo Aceves (5-1, 2.03). Finally.

What took you so long? Strapped with a healthy 4-pitch arsenal, Aceves has blanked 34 in 40 innings. Back in 2008, he made his first big league start against the Angels, posting a 7-1 win. Tonight he'll try to slip back into old starter form as he faces the ever-unpredictable LHP Francisco Liriano (4-8, 5.49), who can go deep into the game and run up Ks, but often at the expense of control.

Minnesota may be chomping at the bit for their new igloo stadium, but the Yankees will most likely miss it, especially when they open up a much more dangerous series tomorrow in Anaheim. If the Yanks lock up the W today, it will be their first 8-game road streak since 1998. Yeah, that was a good year.