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Quiet deadline for Yanks

The Yankees made one trade today, acquiring utility-player Jerry Hairston for minor league catcher Chase Weems. What does this mean?

First off, it probably means the end of Cody Ransom in pinstripes. For that we should be thankful. He also has decent speed (134 SB in 12 partial seasons), so he should be a better pinch-runner than Ransom. He's also a very good all-around fielder, having a positive UZR in five out of seven positions. Hairston will take over Ransom's UIF spot and Gardner's PR/LIDR spot (for the time being). Just this season, he's spent time at second, third, shortstop, and all three outfield positions.

I like the trade because we give up relatively nothing (from a position we're overflowing from talent with) for something useful.

  • As for the Red Sox, they certainly made a more impactful trade, getting Victor Martinez for Justin Masterson and two minor league pitchers. What you must remember is that Martinez is essentially a replacement for David Ortiz. He can actually play 1B a little, catch a little, and DH a bit. What it will mean is less playing time for Ortiz, Lowell and Varitek. They get a great bat, but giving up Masterson could be big. 
  • Shelley Duncan(!) was recalled to the Yankees today. A reliever will likely be demoted (Melancon? Alby?). UPDATE 5:38 p.m.: It was Alby
  • In other interesting trade news, Chicago's starter tonight was traded to San Diego for Jake Peavy. So much for not being able to trade a player on the DL.