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Around the Yankee Universe: Picking on the Red Sox

Considering the way things have gone the past few seasons, and the arrogance of Red Sox fans we have had to put up with since 2004, I can never pass up an opportunity to have fun at the expense of Boston fans.

That said, I have to begin today's look Around the Yankee Universe with this little ditty from Ryan Parker.

The Toronto Blue Jays cannot trade Roy Halladay to the Red Sox, or to the Yankees. They just can't.

That doesn't mean they won't, though. Sure, it's a given that division rivals would have to pay a premium. Yahoo! reported that the Red Sox had offered pitcher Clay Bucholz, along with their choice of reliever Justin Masterson, Triple-A pitcher Michael Bowden, or Double-A first baseman Lars Anderson and lesser prospects. That's a tempting package; Bucholz has a no-hitter on his resume, and Anderson was recently rated by Baseball America as a top-50 prospect in the minors.

But it just can't happen. Trading Roy Halladay to one of the twin beasts of the American League East — and to a slightly lesser extent, to the third beast in Tampa Bay — would be such a flagrant gesture of surrender that Jays fans might just give up hope entirely. It would be a crushing blow not just to lose Halladay, but to have him come back for some of those 18 games per year in which you get your head beaten in by the rich, powerful boys on the block.

New York would have a top three of Halladay, C.C. Sabathia and former Jay A.J. Burnett; Boston would go Halladay, Josh Beckett and Jon Lester. And he would keep coming back, throwing his heart out against the team that used to own his heart, year after year after year.

But know this…George Steinbrenner is not running the Yankees anymore. If he were, Roy Halladay would have been a Yankee before the second half began. Hank Steinbrenner may have the impetuous gene, but he is now only visible via a fake (but very funny) Twitter account. Hal Steinbrenner is the man in charge and while he shares some attributes with The Boss, he doesn't seem to share the same obsessive desire to win at all costs....

So think smaller, folks. Think Jarrod Washburn for the rotation or think Scott Downs for the bullpen. Whatever you think, realize that this team is already really good. And realize that hitting July 31st is kind of like hitting the sign on the highway that tells you your exit is five miles away…there's still time to get where you're supposed to be. Deals will be made after that deadline and we'll play this game again at the end of August to beat the postseason roster eligibility rule.

And remember -- don't expect Roy Halladay. But don't be surprised if he shows up.

Stay tuned. Today promises to be a wild, roller-coaster of a day. Even if nothing ends up happening wth the Yankees. Remember, check in with MLB Daily Dish to keep up with the latest happenings.

  • One Massachusetts newspaper says the Red Sox might do better if they were more like ... gasp! ... the Yankees.