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Around the Yankee Universe: It's all about the pitching

Let's take a quick look around the Yankee Universe this morning.

CMW's Yankee career over?

We know that Chien-Ming Wang's season is over. Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News looks at his contract and wonders if his Yankee career is, too.

Chien-Ming Wang’s worst fears were realized when Dr. James Andrews decided he would need surgery to repair the capsule in his right shoulder, officially ending his season. It’s unclear how much of next season Wang will miss, though the Yankees hope to have a better idea of that after the surgery is done.

Wang is arbitration-eligible for the final time this winter, and after making $5 million this season, he’ll be due to make at least that much in 2010. If he’s going to miss a chunk of the season, look for the Yankees to non-tender him and try to sign him back for less, though Wang is still ticked off that they took him to arbitration in 2008 over $600,000.

This could very well be the end of Wang’s Yankees career, which would be a very sad thing. He’s done nothing but pitch his heart out for this team, even during his struggles this year.

Feinsand is right. To see Wang's Yankee career end like this would, indeed, be a sad thing.

Aceves admits to sore shoulder

Pete Abe has the scoop on Alfredo Aceves' condition.

Remember before the game when Joe Girardi said that Alfredo Aceves was being rested because he was tired? As expected, there is more to it than that.

Aceves said his shoulder has been bothering him for several days. "It’s fatigued," he said.

This is definitely not good news for the Yankees. They can't afford another pitching injury. Especially one to a key guy like Aceves.

Trade Stuff

Of course, the injuries to Wang and, to a lesser extent, Aceves, increase the likelihood the Yankees will need to add pitching via the trade market. Manager Joe Girardi is trying to play down the possibility, though.

"I'm not sure if we'll do anything," Girardi said before last night's game against the Rays. "As of right now we're playing very well and . . . there's always ways that you're trying to better your club, but sometimes things don't work out or you just sit tight. I really believe that there will be moves to be made in August, too, because of the way the economy is and I think teams might be a little more willing to move a guy in August. But right now, I'm not planning on any [moves]."

Here is a good breakdown of the the starting pitchers the Yankees might be pushing for. The New York Post throws the names of a couple of relievers into the mix.