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Is This Man the Most Important Person in Professional Sports?


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He is Dr. James Andrews.  He has extended or saved the careers of Hall of Famers in MLB, the NFL, the NBA.

Some time this morning, he's going to turn his skills to Chien Ming Wang's damaged right shoulder, tightening the soft tissue of the capsular ligament.



This is the same surgery that Jorge Posada has returned from with few ill effects, a very positive sign.  Pitchers, of course, are different beasts and the Yankees figure to move CMW back to the big leagues very gingerly.  I keep hearing people talk about a return after the 2010 All-Star break, but given the way the Yanks seem to handle their injured and fragile pitchers, one year might be aggressive.  The Yankees have every reason to make sure that they don't endure a repeat of this year's fiasco.

Have a speedy and successful recovery CMW.  We need you.