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Offense and bullpen win game for Yanks, 7-5

Another 'about-what-we-can-expect' game from Sergio Mitre: 5 ip, 4 er. The good news is that he didn't walk anyone. The bad is that he allowed nine hits with only one K - he wasn't fooling anyone.

It looked like Phil Coke would be the goat after serving up a two-run bomb to Mark Ellis (his fourth of the year), but the combination of Phil Hughes, Mo Rivera and even Brian Bruney shut the door after that. The offense scored in only two innings (the first and the sixth), but they were big innings, scoring four and three runs, respectively. They were also able to 'hit back' after Oakland scored in the top of those innings.

The Yanks took nine of 10 on this homestand and now visit Tampa Bay.

  • Brett Gardner was put on the 15-day DL with a left-thumb fracture (suffered after sliding into second yesterday). Jon Albaladejo will take his place (I guess they really don't want to give Mark Melancon a legitimate shot).