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Game 95: Some play it hot, some play it cold

The former bullpen coach for the Yankees Dom Scala contends that "the World Series goes to the team who can go on the most streaks. The team who has a couple of 7-game streaks occur throughout the season is gonna win over the team who ends the season with the same record but that only goes on a lot of mini- ‘streaks.’"

I don’t know enough math (read: basic addition) to wrap my head around this, but as a Yankee fan watching our team go for their 7th straight win, I’m all for subscribing to this theory. Tonight New York tries to keep the run alive, as they pit the one-ton-pinstriped-inning-eater CC Sabathia (9-6, 3.66) against the Athletics' NJ native Vin Mazzaro (2-6, 4.09), who opened his big league career with a runless 2-0. But then he lost a little steam and enters today on the heels of an 0-6 tailspin that boasts a 5.59 ERA.

Now the franchise who went on a record 20-game streak in 2002 seems to be categorically averse to going on any kind of run in 2009, while their opponent has won 19 of the last 26. Although the A's have been keeping the cellar of the AL West warm for the lion’s share of the season, they tacked up 32 runs during their most recent series in Minnesota…so maybe the offensively challenged line-up will apply this new-found talent to the homerun brothel in the Bronx.

And considering the A’s seem to be CC’s Achilles heel (3-7, 6.26), and that Matt Holliday may feel like he’s back in Coors, and that Jack Cust is creepily good when I don’t want him to be, the Yankees shouldn’t underestimate them…even if the As' hitting leader's .289 hovers around the BA of the Yanks’ 7-8-9 men.


Oakland Athletics @ New York Yankees

07/23/09 7:05 PM EDT

Oakland Athletics New York Yankees
Rajai Davis - RF Derek Jeter - SS
Orlando Cabrera - SS Johnny Damon - LF
Scott Hairston - CF Mark Teixeira - 1B
Matt Holliday - LF Alex Rodriguez - 3B
Nomar Garciaparra - 1B Hideki Matsui - DH
Kurt Suzuki - C Jorge Posada - C
Jack Cust - DH Robinson Cano - 2B
Bobby Crosby - 3B Eric Hinske - RF
Mark Ellis - 2B Brett Gardner - CF