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Around the Yankee Universe: Let's talk football

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Our New York Yankees are two games up in the American League East. They have won six straight. So, let's begin today's look Around the Yankee Universe by talking about ... football.

The Yankees have now added annual college football games at the Stadium thru 2014. There is even talk of adding a bowl game, which has been dubbed 'The Boss Bowl.'

That's nice. It's all well and good and will probably add money to the already overflowing Yankee coffers. But, there is a little problem. Check the diagram from Lohud. Umm, fellas ... the football field doesn't fit. The end zones reach into the dugouts and the bullpens. Do we see a little bit of a problem here?

I have to agree with Pete Abe on this one. Wouldn't you think that if the team was considering bringing football games to the Stadium they would have designed the place so that the field would fit?

Now, the Yankees will be trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Amazing to me that just a year after the place was built there are going to need to be changes to the configuration to suit football games. Great planning, gang!

Now, let's look at some other stories making news around the Yankee Universe.

Epstein has to have his hands in the Roy Halladay hunt. No longer can anyone say pitching is not a need for the Red Sox. The once-deep rotation is now minus 11-game winner Tim Wakefield and Daisuke Matsuzaka, with two No. 5 starters in John Smoltz and Brad Penny who aren’t cutting it, and a youngster in Clay Buchholz who to some degree is still on training wheels.

The season is a loooong way from over. For now, though, it's nice to see a little panic coming from the Beantown boys.

  • Don Mattingly's son, Taylor, a former Yankee draft pick, has been arrested and charged with attacking his mother.
  • A construction worker injured while working on the new Yankee Stadium is suing the team.
  • Brian Bruney tried to laugh off Wednesday afternoon's atrocious outing, in which he surrendered a pair of ninth-inning home runs.

"I just wanted to get Mo another save," Bruney said, tongue firmly in cheek. "That's what a setup guy does. That's a pretty good job, I thought."

Hey, Brian, it's not funny. You have a 12.27 ERA in July, and you are rapidly punching yourself a ticket out of town.

  • Ian Kennedy is on the mend and the Yankees are apparently hoping he will pitch winter ball.
  • There is a lot of discussion about whether or not the 6-foot-4, 225-pound Jesus Montero will ever be able to catch at the big-league level. The Star-Ledger says that if Baltimore's 6-5, 230-pound Matt Wieters can do it, so can Montero. Personally, I don't care about this whole size thing. I just want to know if he can block pitches and throw adequately.

NOTE: I answered some questions from our A's blog, Athletics Nation (OK, a whole slew of questions). Check out the post. I will have their answers to my questions later on.

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