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Mariners 8, Yankees 4: It's Jack's fault

I am blaming this loss on Jack Nicholson. No more Legends Suite freebies for you, Jackie boy!

With Nicholson in town, something had to give with the Yankees' seven-game winning streak. I guess that was as good as it was gonna get. The Mariners made the streak kick the bucket, or fly over the cuckoo's nest or become one of the departed. Whatever.

Enough with the sorry attempts at Nicholson jokes. with CC Sabathia on the mound and the Yanks rolling, this was a game you had to figure the Yanks would win.

But, CC had an off night and it just didn't happen. No blaming this on Francisco Cervelli, though. We are not allowing any rain on the Francisco the Great lovefest.

Seriously, I thought the Yankees still had a chance until Russell Branyan jacked a two-run bomb off the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar in the ninth inning. It put the game out of reach, but it's the first home run that has hit the restaurant. Gotta admit, it was kinda cool to see.

Anyway, the Blue Jays are in town for an early game (1:05) on Friday. Maybe the Yanks can start another streak.