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Around the Yankee Universe: Vote for Tex edition

Want to see Mark Teixeira start at first base for the American League All-Star team instead of Boston's Kevin Youkilis? Today is the last day you can try to make that happen.

Voting closes at 11:59 p.m. EST, and Tex trails by 40,000 votes in the latest results. Get yourself over to, where you can vote online up to 25 times, and see if you can make it happen.

By the way, check out the Hartford Courant this morning. Yours truly is quoted there in a piece the Courant did asking various Sox and Yankees bloggers to weigh in on this contest.

Oh, and one last thing. Vote for Ian Kinsler of Texas at second base. He leads Boston's Dustin Pedroia by just a handful of votes. Gotta keep it that way!

Now let's look at some other stuff making news around the Yankee Universe.

  • Newest Yankee Eric Hinske, a member of World Series teams in Boston in 2007 and Tampa Bay in 2008, is thrilled to be out of Pittsburgh and back on a winning team.

"When you get a taste of winning, it’s contagious," Hinske said. "You want to get it all the time."

Let's hope Hinske proves to be a good luck charm for the 2009 Yankees.

"(Phil) Hughes is throwing extremely well," Bruney told The Post before the Yankees defeated Seattle, 4-2, at the Stadium. "But the rest of our bullpen is [also] throwing extremely well. If they want to throw anybody in the eighth inning, it's fine. I don't care. I'm not here to be the eighth-inning guy and worry about that."

  • Mark Feinsand of the Daily News continued his call for to eschew the 'paint by the numbers' approach. Bill Madden joined the chorus of those who want to see Hughes in the eighth.
  • Remember Brad Halsey, the soft-tossing, boyish-looking left-hander who came up through the Yankees' farm system a few years back. He is now trying to rescue his big-league career by pitching in the independent Atlantic League.