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Recap: Another One Just Like the Other One

This wasn't the same Joba: 6.2IP on 107 pitches, 64% strikes, 3 hits and 3BB against 8Ks.

This was the same Hughes, though: 1IP, 1H, 2K, only 13 pitches and 10 of them were strikes.

The heart of the order provided just enough offense against tough luck loser Edwin Jackson.  The Dynamic Duo hit solo homers to set the stage for Mo.

For those who were worried about the Yanks record against the American League contenders, this sweep should be a reminder of what a long season it really is.  I bet they even manage to win one against Boston before the postseason starts.

Speaking of which, the Toronto Blue Jays are refusing to go quietly into the deadline, taking 2 of 3 up north.  The Yankees start the new week a single game behind the Red Sox.  That means the Yanks are playing .650 ball against any team not wearing a red B on the cap.

With things going well, what on earth are we going to talk about?

Start here Phil + Mo = Victory.

Not quite as ground shaking as E=mc², but it might bring us a little closer to understanding the Yankee Universe.