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Around the Yankee Universe: Phil's the man

I figured I would wake up to this today. After Phil Hughes' utterly dominant two-inning, six-strikeout performance last night at least one columnist is speculating the New York Yankees are stretching him out for a return to the starting rotation.

Manager Joe Girardi said no.

"That had nothing to do with tonight," Girardi said after the game, shaking his head at the suggestion he might have been stretching Hughes out a bit. "Looking at their lineup and the hitters he was facing ... we felt it was best to stay with Hughes at that point."

But, for now, why mess with what he is doing? Besides, looking at the current Yankee bullpen who else is going to do what Hughes doing right now?

Here is what A.J. Burnett had to say after watching what Hughes did in relief of him last night.
"He's in the spot where he needs to be right now. He's locked in," Burnett said. "Give him the ball right now, man. I watched him from in here, and it was a joke. He threw everything where he wanted to."

Here are some other stories making news around the Yankee Universe.

"The coolest thing is there are a lot of similarities between the old stadium and this one. You look at certain parts of the ballpark, and it looks a lot like the old stadium. Then you've got the amenities of a new stadium, like the big video board out there in center. You get the old-stadium feel with all the benefits of the new stadium. I like the balance of it."

Take that, Kevin Millar!

"I'm doing nothing," Mussina said on March 10, grinning. "And when I walked through the weight room, I knew why I'm doing nothing. I feel good being retired."

It's too bad Moose doesn't have an itch for a Pedro-Martinez like late-season return. The Yanks could use him.

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