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All-Star Game Recap: I Accidentally Watched 9 Innings

I think the All-Star Game is stupid, I really do.

I hate "This Time It Counts."  I hate an All-Star from every team in an 'important' game.  I hate Fox (both the broadcast team, and the broadcast- was I the only one dealing with massive pixelation and audio lags?).  I hate the uniforms (don't they usually wear those during the game with the team hat? Was this year different?).  I hate the fan voting and the final vote.  I usually even hate the manager's selections.

I went out to dinner with some friends and got home just as the first pitch was thrown.  I put the game on in the background while I balanced my checkbook.  I was cursing the stupid All-Star Game that I hate when Jeter got hit.  He's having a brilliant season, on pace to eclipse Lou Gehrig.  If he gets hurt in this stupid game I'm going to raise hell.

The game was moving quickly, and I told myself I'd go do the day's dishes when one side broke it open.  The AL tied it up in the fifth, so I played a game on the computer while zeros lit up on the scoreboard.

When Carl Crawford reached over the fence to save Jonathan Papelbon's lousy pitching, the game was no longer the background.

I was on the edge of my seat as Nathan worked through trouble.  I honestly wouldn't have been surprised if Mo had trotted in to face Ryan Howard, and I had to remind myself how good Joe Nathan really is (career WHIP of 1.11, WHIP below 1.0 for 5 of 6 years and the off year was 1.02, career 472 hits in 650.2IP).  Howard's half swing elicited a fist pump that left me staring at my arm in confusion.

Sure I was rooting for Derek Jeter (0-2, HBP, 2R), Mark Teixeira (0-3), and Mariano Rivera (0H 0BB 1K SV).  

But by the 5th innings I was engrossed in a baseball game.  I'm always a little surprised by how wrapped up I get during a baseball game- I watch the postseason even without the Yanks, I watch the national broadcasts when there's no Yankee game.

This was about as good an All-Star Game as we have the right to hope for, and it's always good to be reminded how much I love a good baseball game.