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Ah, morning fun with Twitter: 'DougieBaseball' calls Swisher a 'turd'

Sometimes giving athletes -- even the intelligent ones -- an unfiltered forum to express themselves is not in their own best interests. It is, however, entertaining for bloggers and sports fans.

I wonder if Doug Mientkiewicz (yippee, I can still spell it!) is spending this morning regretting his little anti-Nick Swisher rant on Twitter.


Swisher is one of those guys who you love when he is on your team and playing well. He's also one of those guys who is easy to ridicule from afar.

As for 'DougieBaseball,' though, a bit of advice. Spend a little more time worrying about salvaging what's left of your career and a little less time worrying about guys playing on a team that didn't want you any more.

BTW, Swish-a-licious has not yet responded via his own Twitter account.

(Image taken from 'It is High, It is far, it is ... Caught.')