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Game 77: Wily southpaws

Yankee-killer Jarrod Washburn (2.56 ERA in 81 career innings) takes the hill against the Bombers tonight.

Andy Pettitte will face him; he's done well against Seattle recently (3.10 ERA in three starts in 2007 and '08).

Only one current Yankee has hit Washburn with any authority: A-Rod (1.098 OPS). No one else is even at .850. One guy who should definitely sit tonight is Melky, who's failed to reach base in 14 PA against Washburn.

Against Pettitte, the M's are basically feast or famine. All of their hitters but one have an OPS either higher than .900 or lower than .700 (with three below .400).


Seattle Mariners @ New York Yankees

07/01/09 7:05 PM EDT

Seattle Mariners New York Yankees
Ichiro Suzuki - RF Derek Jeter - SS
Russell Branyan - 1B Johnny Damon - LF
Jose Lopez - 2B Mark Teixeira - 1B
Ken Griffey Jr. - DH Alex Rodriguez - DH
Franklin Gutierrez - CF Jorge Posada - C
Wladimir Balentien - LF Robinson Cano - 2B
Chris Woodward - 3B Nick Swisher - RF
Rob Johnson - C Melky Cabrera - CF
Ronny Cedeno - SS Cody Ransom - 3B