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Thinking About 16-11

I want the Yanks to play .600 ball against the bottom of the barrel, .500 against the contenders.

So far this season, I've asked the Yankees to go 47-31, which would put them atop the division (assume at least one of those extra wins would have come at the Red Sox expense.  Instead they've gone 44-32 with a couple wash outs to make up. 

The Yanks are not in bad position.  They're 3 games up on Texas and Toronto for the wildcard, and if the season ended today they'd probably meet the Angels in the first round of the playoffs.

But I want that division crown, and July is a good month to make up some ground.


Team Games '08 W%
Seattle 2 .377
Tor 4 .531
Min 3 .540
LAA 3 .617
Det 3 .457
Bal 3 .422
Oak 4 .466
TB 3 .599
ChiS 2 .546

So, I clump the Twins, Angels, Rays and White Sox into 'contenders.'  So 6-5 there.

In the other 16 games, I'll take 10-6.  

The Tigers and White Sox have swapped places in their division, so call that a wash.  But the Twins are a .500 team and look it, while the wheels have really fallen off the Athletics.

The Yanks have the room to make a move this month, with Phil Hughes looking dominant in the pen and the rotation starting to click.  They'd better take it.