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Some fun at the Red Sox expense

I can't resist a little jab at the Boston Red Sox this morning after the Beantowners, leading 10-1 ater six innings Tuesday night, self-destructed and lost, 11-10.

You can relive the biggest comeback in Orioles' history at Big League Stew.

Of course, the folks at Camden Chat are rejoicing.

I was just about to turn off this sorry excuse for a baseball game and get to the laundry I've been neglecting when the rains came and washed away the stink of the Orioles. After over an hour of rain, the game recommenced, and our lives were changed. Justin Masterson replaced John Smoltz and at first, it looked like more of the same. He retired the first six batters he faced until the 8th inning.

And that's when something magic happened.

And the folks at Over the Monster are crying in their morning coffee.

Me, I am just enjoying Boston's embarrassment. By the way, did you notice the Yankees are just 2.5 games back of the Sox today?