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Thinking more about Huston Street

Ed brought up his name in a discussion not long ago. What is he worth to the current Yankee team? What should we give up to acquire him?

We'll start with the good:

1. He's young. Street's just 25, and already has four-and-a-half years of ML experience. He's pitched nearly as many innings as Joba and Hughes combined (291 vs. 319).

2. He happens to be very good. He would immediately become our second-best reliever (I'm not considering Hughes a reliever, while Aceves, Robertson and Coke haven't built up enough innings to make sounds judgments on them). His career K/BB is better than such relievers as Jon Broxton, J.J. Putz, Brad Lidge and Bobby Jenks.

3. He would (hopefully) finally put to rest the 'Joba to the pen' argument. He could set up for Mo until he (possibly) retires after 2010, and then take over that role.

4. He should only get better. He has yet to reach the beginning of his peak (which historically begins around 26-27), so we'd have his best years still ahead of us. And remember, Mo didn't become a full-time reliever until 26.

5. He's relatively cheap. Street is arbitration eligible for two more years, and only then will become a free agent.

And the bad:

1. While he's very good, he's not elite. His career ERA+ is 148, which is all nice and good, but he's never regained the form he had in his rookie campaign (when his funky delivery was still confusing batters). His save-conversion rate is a decent 78%, while Mo's is 89% (though that doesn't account for run margin). If the Yankees average 45 save opportunities, Street will convert 35 while Mo will convert 40.

2. He allows fly-balls. It may not have been a legitimate concern in years past, but bringing a fly-ball pitcher into the bandbox known as the New Yankee Stadium may be asking for trouble (though there's a chance they make 'corrections' to deflate homers).

3. Because of his low salary, the cost in prospects would be high. While Montero's off the table, A-Jax is an option, as are other non-elite prospects like Zach McAllister, Dellin Betances and Mark Melancon.