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Around the Yankee Universe, 06.06.09

What is there to talk about around the Yankee Universe on a sleepy Saturday morning following a rainout? Around the Yankees, there are always some entertaining things to discuss. So, let's get to it.

  • Randy Johnson won his 300th game the other day, and we have heard again and again that -- considering the impact of relief pitchers today -- Johnson might be the last one. Well, now along comes Baseball Musings espousing the belief that our very own Andy Pettitte could be the next one

He’s eighty wins away right now at age 37. He talks about retiring, but his competitive spirit (and large paychecks) keep bringing him back.

He’s a left-hander who induces ground balls. The way balls are flying out of Yankee Stadium to rightfield, the probability exists that Andy’s combination of physical attribute and pitching skill will prove very valuable to the Yankees (although he’s allowed seven of his eight home runs in the Bronx this season).

Finally, Pettitte has the potential to remake himself into a slower pitcher, to become Jamie Moyer. Moyer didn’t start winning game in earnest until he was 33. He totaled 59 wins at that point and now has 250. Andy might get some coaching from Mike Mussina in this regard. That will allow Andy to be effective as age takes it’s toll.

Finally, the Yankees spend a lot of money to win. If Pettitte can stick around six years, he’ll get close enough to 300 to keep sticking around, simply by having a great offense behind him.

Sorry. I love Pettitte, but I find the belief that he will stick around long enough to win another 80 games to be absurd. His elbow and shoulder are pretty much held together with duct tape now, and there is no way I see Pettitte wanting to put himself through another 6-7 seasons. He has 220 wins at this point, and I have my doubts he gets to 250 before calling it a career.

  • As the MLB Draft approaches, River Avenue Blues ranks the top 30 prospects in the Yankee system.
  • This has nothing to do with the Yankees. But, it's hilarious. 'Kudos' to ESPN's Rob Neyer, who had this posted on his blog Friday.