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Hughes vs Wang: Why Ed and Travis are Right, but Not for the Reason They Think

Travis started a little conversation among we happy few running PA, arguing that Hughes belongs in the rotation for the sake of his long term development.

Ed made several salient points, especially that Wang gives the Yanks their best chance to win now.  This is the reason Joe G. is here- because obviously, if the Yanks miss the playoffs again, we'll be in the market for a new manager come October.  And that is not a point that anyone needs to reitterate to Joe G.  He knows.

But the real reason that Hughes should be in the bullpen is in the subtext of both their arguments.  We have to worry about Hughes' and Joba's development while winning.  Both young studs are on innings caps, and it makes no sense to let both guys hit their caps together.  Far better to stash one in the pen now, and allow the two to swap places in the latter half of the season.

Which is why it has to be Hughes to the pen.  The NY media needs an education on player development- it has been so long since either the Yanks or the Mets have developed a genuine superstar pitcher that the media has forgotten (or never knew) how to do it.  The bullpen can be a natural part of a young pitcher's growth process.  Let him spit sunflower seeds and practice his grip alongside Mo and the other veterans- put him in some tough spots so he learns to work out of jams.  Teach him that as much as he is valued as a wunderkund, he is only a part of the team, and come stretch time he will need to be prepared to do whatever he is called on to do.

The media is moaning for Joba to be the 8th inning king, but the Yankees know he can be more than that.  Maybe if the media and the fans see another pitcher go to the pen and dominate, one whom everyone agrees has less talent than Joba, maybe then we can finally put the "Joba to the pen" argument to bed, because the front office's insistance hasn't changed anyone's mind.