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A-Rod, oh A-Rod...

... you giveth and you taketh away.

He drove in half the Yankee runs, yet accounted for the single most damning play of the evening: grounding into an inning-ending double-play with the bases full in the third inning (on a 3-1 pitch no less); that one play decreased the Yankees chances of winning by a whopping 16 percent. He came up with runners on in each of his next two at-bats and struck out both times (once with a runner on third and one out). The boos were raining down hard after that. You'd have to be blind to see he's not pressing.

We really could've used Tex's bat tonight. Would he have made a two-run difference? Hard to say.

Who knew Brett Tomko would pitch lights-out while Andy Pettitte would struggle mightily? Actually, we had an idea, since Pettitte has always struggled against Texas (5.50 career ERA before tonight). He gave up four runs in the first two innings (and was probably saved a few by Melky Cabrera's assist at third-base), and that was all Texas needed; Pettitte lasted just five innings due to throwing 104 pitches (including six walks!). Tomko threw three, allowing two hits, no walks and three K's.