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Around the Yankee Universe, 06.03.09

Let's look around the Inter-Google at stories making news around our cruising New York Yankees this morning.

  • The Yankees have won 15 of 19, and at 31-21 have the best record in the American League. Ken Davidoff of Newsday and Joel Sherman of the New York Post both opined today that the Yankees are increasingly looking like they just might be the AL's best team. Here's a little bit from Sherman.

The Yankees played their ugliest game in weeks and won by nine runs against the AL West leaders.

Maybe that says something about the state of the AL West. Or maybe it says something about the muscular state of the Yankees. Even on a night when they did so much wrong, the Yanks compensated with enough firepower to devastate Texas, 12-3....

What we are seeing now is that the Yankees' "A" game might be better than any other team's, and they can even win -- by a wide margin -- with a "C" performance.

  • Mark Teixeira got drilled twice by Vicente Padilla, and explained later that there is history between the two.

"The first two at-bats of my career (against Padilla on June 9, 2005, when Padilla was with Philadelphia), I hit home runs," Teixeira said. "Third at-bat, I got hit. And every time I've faced him since there have been balls near my head, near my body."

  • Where was Francisco Cervelli when the Yankees needed him? The Yankees' 18-game errorless streak is over thanks to a throwing error by Jorge Posada. I guess you can forgive Posada, though, since he is the best offensive catcher of this decade.
  • The New York Times has a nice piece on how it is now virtually impossible to get an autograph at Yankee Stadium without buying one.
  • Speaking of the Stadium, Andy Pettitte says he isn't going to let the home runs or his 5.57 ERA at home bother him.
"I'm not gonna worry about that or make any adjustments," Pettitte said before last night's game. "We've been scoring some runs. If I'm going to give up some runs in the ballpark, so be it. I won't make any adjustments yet."
  • Shelley Duncan leads the International League in home runs and RBI and is still hoping for another chance with the Yankees.