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Interested in an Outfielder?

With Nady out for the season, does it make sense for the Yanks to trade for another outfielder?

When the Yanks traded for him last season, it was openly acknowledged he was brought in to replace Bobby Abreu.  When Cash swiped Swisher from the ChiSox (for Wilson Betemit!) a part of the attraction was that Swisher would be a Yankee for several seasons and a reasonable price.

I think it's an experiment that the Yankees should look to repeat as the trading deadline approaches.

Melky, BG, and Swisher are under control for next season but that's an outfield of question marks. While AJax is killing the ball (.321/.385/.424), he's also missing the ball (71K in 68 games).

The Padres' Scott Hairston would be an interesting target- a hard swinging CF.  He's 29 and under team control through 2010.  Kevin Towers has liked the Yanks pitching prospects in the past.

The Astros have a pair of 26 year olds, Hunter Pence and Michael Bourn.  They're both under team control for longer, so the price would be higher.  Maybe for a Zach McAllister and a reliever?

Catching the Red Sox this year will hinge on the starting pitchers.  But adding a young outfielder who will stay with the team for a few years will give the Yanks greater depth and more flexibility in the off-season.