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All aboard the A-Rod train

If A-Rod is moving toward his career norms, the Mets are in trouble. Continuing his hot streak, Alex went 3-5 with four RBI and a walk. It began early with a first inning homer off Derek Lowe to straightaway center. He followed that up with two run-scoring singles.

And the Yankees needed every run. Despite leading 8-1 at one point, the Braves took advantage of some poor defense to climb within two.

Ironically, just as A-Rod is emerging from his slump, Teixeira is falling into one. Another 0-fer dropped his average to .280.

Andy Pettitte was pretty bad, but was sabotaged by disappointing defense behind him. Two balls in the five-run fourth inning should have been caught but weren't, resulting in the shortest outing of Pettitte's season: 3.2 ip.

Sabathia will go tomorrow in Queens.